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Whether you are looking to source Custom Cable Assemblies, Plastic/Metal product, custom LCD panels, Stamped, Die Cast and CNC processed parts or items made to your custom specifications that are costing you more than they should to get manufactured locally, Supply Concepts can provide the support you require.

See our Products page for a brief look at our capabilities; you can send us your product specifications if your required product is not listed. We have helped a wide array of customers to develop and manufacture parts/products in Asia and other low cost/high value regions through our exceptional and diverse manufacturing capabilities

Image of last puzzle piece
Image of last puzzle piece

Alternate Sourcing

Inevitably, every company has a need to source products, whether component or finished assembly. Many of these projects have been subjected to limited/unstable supply or single source inflexibility, quality issues, costs of components/sub assemblies negatively affecting finished product profitability, or, a new design which cannot be produced to schedule as a result of products not being effectively sourced in time, or through a reliable partner. Fortunately, Supply Concepts provides solutions to all these challenges via our alternate source capability.

Quality Control

Superior Quality Materials Products Machines

Quality assurance is a key component in our business, as it with virtually every customer.

We recognize that increased supply capacity or lower product cost is of no use if product quality is lacking. In fact, in addition to delays and production de-commits, poor quality causes product costs to increase, not decrease.

That is why Supply Concepts addresses the quality issue with a laser focus. This focus and the corresponding quality processes in place have been the hallmark of our operations and the resulting zero defect standard we employ towards every item we provide.



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