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Mission Statement

At Supply Concepts, our mission is to support the OEM, CM, and ODM markets through well established, skilled, and diverse factory partnerships in Asia/Low Cost Regions. We strive to support our customers with the highest quality products, reliable on time deliveries, with cost savings enabling positive PPV to the customer’s benefit. We deliver value-added services on custom/build to print products that provide a foundation to customers to manage, improve, and add profitability to their business and enhance their bottom line.

Our Team

Several years ago, after 25+ years of supporting the world’s largest OEM’s, CM’s and ODM’s with component supply chain management services of standard items through an extremely well developed global supply chain and expertise, customers sought our increased help in solving additional supply problems. These problems related to custom, build to print, non-standard, sole source, cost sensitive or quality affected products that were negatively impacting their production on a day to day basis. Knowing our presence and success globally, these customers looked to us for new solutions and from that, compelled Supply Concepts Inc to be established and tasked with addressing these needs.

Today, Supply Concepts offers a global supply chain manufacturing network to its client base through the establishment of a large number of strategic manufacturing alliances in Asia and other low cost regions. 

Supply Concepts seamlessly manages these programs through its NPI, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering teams from product inception, design, prototype and the pre-production stage through to the manufacture and product shipment of production quantities. Cost reductions, materials management, component standardization and AVL management are all transparent elements of this cycle, which Supply Concepts delivers as part of its global manufacturing and supply chain solutions. 

The customer gains the savings in unit cost, enhanced product supply capacity, mitigation of single source liability issues and increased quality of product while also avoiding the many pitfalls and issues of dealing directly with low cost regions by dealing with a single point of contact: Supply Concepts. 

Supporting an enviable list of market leaders, Supply Concepts’ alliance partners in Asia and other low cost regions offer a full range of electronic manufacturing and supply capabilities in areas such as Metals and Plastics, Power Products, Enclosures, Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies, Backplane Integration and many other items.

 Whether simple or complex, either per customer design or through collaboration with the Supply Concepts team to develop the needed product, Supply Concepts has a solution that is comprehensive and an asset to any customer’s supply chain.