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Quality Assurance

Confidence in Quality

Quality assurance is a key component in our business, as it with virtually every customer.

We recognize that increased supply capacity or lower product cost is of no use if product quality is lacking. In  fact, in addition to delays and production de-commits, poor quality causes product costs to increase, not decrease.

That is why Supply Concepts addresses the quality issue with a laser focus. This focus and the corresponding quality processes in place have been the hallmark of our operations and the resulting zero defect standard we employ towards every item we provide. Additionally, we actively comply with wide ranging associated standards directly affecting the workplace.

Our manufacturing sites are all ISO 9001 certified and, depending on the product being made, have additional certifications covering Medical (ISO13485), Automotive (IATF16949), Cyber (ISO/IEC27000), Occupational Health and Safety (ISO45001), Environmental (ISO14000), ESD (ANSI S20.20) and many others including Risk Management, Social Responsibility, Energy Management and Sustainable Events.

As a result of our commitment to quality, customers can be assured products supplied by Supply Concepts will be of the highest quality, exactly as specified and compliant with all industry quality standards.